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Busier than anyone should be allowed to be. Calculus is killing me and I've just been doing odd things for my other classes these past few weeks. Waaaay too tired when I get home.

Just updating to inform everything that I am, indeed, alive, just very tired and busy. School has become the proverbial monkey on my back, and it likes to kick and scream at inopportune times.

Sorry if I missed anything important that's been going on. D:
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Haha, you popped into my head today (I thought it was your b-day for some reason), and then you just magically popped-up on here for real! Awesome. ;D

Anyway, sorry to hear school's been riding your butt. Good luck with everything, though! :)
I just have amazingly good timing, obviously. 8D

Thanks, I'll be needing it.