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First somewhat free moment since school started, yay. Class began on Monday and that's when I learned that I would actually have to study this year. I've gone from having to hardly study to needing to for a few hours every night. Not an easy adjustment so far, but maybe with time it won't be such a stress. Dropped the nursing class/Health Science Technologies in favor of a blow off class (Office Aide) since I wouldn't have time afterschool to go to a nursing home.

Predicting a bad grade in Calculus when my teacher stops giving us odd problems for homework. Chapter 1 is our responsibility to learn and I am failing immensely at it. When my teacher explains it, it makes sense, but when I try to understand it in the book, I don't get it at all. Officially hate functions and graphing.

Since I can't drive yet, I have to take the bus and I'm now the last stop, so I get home around 4:30. And for the first time in a while I'm finding it hard to find time to use the internet. Not cool.

All these college/AP classes better pay off soon. >:(

Enough rambling, I should be reading a textbook of some sort.

PS. Looks like I got a 3 on both my AP US History and English Language tests from last year, woot.
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