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Last few days have been like this:
Saturday - Finally got a haircut and went clothes shopping. Major self esteem issues and bouts of "I'm faaaaaaaat" happened afterwards as I retryed on my new jeans and shirts, used up all my weekly angst allowance on it. Really need to work on my self-esteem, I thought it was higher than this.
Sunday - Spent the day at a friend's and played Scrabble, horribly. Learned it is not okay to make up words when your letters suck (if only sofaz and ratz were acceptable spellings).
Monday - Snagged the only avaliable spot in the college English class and finished up high school registration. Also had an extremely creepy dream when I took a nap today which freaked me out.

Schedule for next year:
College English (Tuesday, Thursday)/Government (Monday, Wednesday)
Bio 2 AP
Literary Genres
Tech Theatre 2
Debate 1
Calculus AP
Health Science Tech

Anyone on my flist good at Calculus? The homework packet is still kicking my butt. ;_;
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