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Final Con Like Things:
-Saw Joss Whedon at the California Browncoats booth. Major fangirling after he had left
-Got Parappa's autograph, hells yeah ;D
-Producer from Phoenix Wright was doing a signing, got an awesome Trials and Tribulations poster and her signature out of it
-Bought two shirts, some d20s and d6s, Tofu Robot tote bag, and a couple more small Firefly related things
-Saw random anime in the anime show rooms, might have to find out more about Best Student Council now
-Spent a lot of time at the Square booth watching people get up and sing in their Singstar Pop competition

Beyond that, I mainly just hung out with random friends I saw there and some guy I didn't even talk to a lot remembered me and was all, "I had been wondering where you went!" Very confused as I only had maybe one class with him each year during Freshman and Sophomore year, but it was nice being remembered like that.

The con went by so fast this year, I'm still surprised that it's over.
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