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'Bout time I updated this thing. :p

I swear, I never could keep track of things like journals/diaries and the like. I always forget about them. If I vanish for a while and anyone needs to contact me, use my AIM screenname on my profile, I'm usually on it regardless of whether I'm busy or not.

All I've been doing is: sleeping, calculus, and preparing to own people in the face at UIL competitions. I also did some fandom writing yesterday during class because I was bored and already knew about what we were talking about in Biology. So, I'll probably post that up in a few minutes, since I'm actually proud of this thing, what with it being the only thing I've written that wasn't RP-related in who knows how long.

If I missed anything awesome and/or important, I'm sorry. D:

EDIT: And oh look, my AIM screenname is now actually on my profile. Thought it was, but it wasn't, wow.
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