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My friend has drawn me into Sonic, big time. Sonic Adventure 2 is now my favorite game, I have so many hours on that thing now, would have more if I didn't have to sneak in time between school-like things. She's got me thinking about applying for Rouge at some multi-fandom RP place. If I can get the courage up and finish my application for her (got all of it done except for sample RP post/thread) I might give it a try. It looks low maintenance and I think I'm getting the hang of this crazy thing called "time management," so it might be a worthwhile venture.

In Christmas news, we got to open an early Christmas present because my siblings are relentless in their pestering, and I scored opening the box that held the Zune. >:D I can finally fit all my music on an mp3 player!

I am shocked at how much of calculus I actually understand now. Taking that class makes me feel incredible intelligent. 8D I also aced my two college classes (94 in College Gov, 95 in College Eng), so I'm doing damn good grade-wise.

I better get going, there's going to be Christmas festivities shortly and I ♥ my grandparents, so making an appearance is necessary.
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